New to Aos, building a DoK army

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Servant of Dante
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New to Aos, building a DoK army

Post by Servant of Dante » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:39 pm

Hello! (is anyone here?) I'm new to AoS, and am getting a Daughters of Khaine army. If any of you are also members on the Bolter and Chainsword, I go by the same username there as I have here :D

This is basically just an introduction, and claiming the auspicious honor of posting the first topic to the DoK subforum :P

Here's the list I'm buying the models for:

Daughters of Khaine (Pitched Battle 2000 pts)
Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Hagg Nar

Slaughter Queen (General, Command Trait: Devoted Disciples, Prayer: Crimson Rejuvenation, Relic: Khainite Pendant) 140 pts
Bloodwrack Medusa (Psychic Power: The Withering)
(also Hag Queen from Warscroll) 100 pts

Sisters of Slaughter [10] (Bladed Bucklers) 120 pts
(also 2x Witch Aelves from Warscroll)

Blood Sisters [5] 140 pts
Doomfire Warlocks [10] (Doomfire Crossbow, Hornblower, Standard Bearer, Psychic Power: The Withering) 320 pts

CAULDRON GUARD (Warscroll Battalion) 120 pts
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood (Prayer: Blessing of Khaine) 300 pts
Witch Aelves [30] (Paired Sacrificial Knives, Hornblower, Standard Bearer) 270 pts
Witch Aelves [30] (Paired Sacrificial Knives, Hornblower, Standard Bearer) 270 pts
Khinerai Lifetakers [5] 80 pts
Khinerai Lifetakers [5] 80 pts


TOTAL: 1990 pts

I am correct in saying that Blood Sisters are only Battleline if you have a Medusa General right? Does this list look legal? Battlescribe thinks it is but I don't have my rulebook yet :D

The goal would of course be to have the 2 blobs of Witch Aelves get into combat, with the Sisters of Slaughter for countercharging, the Blood Sisters to shield the General, the General and cauldron for buffs, and the Lifetakers and Warlocks for harassing and watching flanks.

Any comments appreciated!

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Re: New to Aos, building a DoK army

Post by sfPanzer » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:18 pm

We are here but we aren't many yet. Hi! :D
I fear I can't help you tho. I still haven't really started with AoS due 40k keeping me so busy (so many must-have releases the past few months! :shock: )

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